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Small Refrigerated Trailer Sales

Portable Walk-in Cooler - 3x7 to 7x16 ft. sizes available

Portable Walk-in Cooler - 3x7 to 7x16 ft. sizes available

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This portable walk-in cooler is 5'x10' and has pallet guides to load two pallets. Of course, we offer many sizes from 3'x7' to 7'x16'. They use standard household service and operate from +10° to +50°.  The pallet guides help prevent pallets hitting walls. We start with quality by encouraging you to see the construction of our trailers while others don't want to show you. Our trailers are over engineered to handle heavy loads. 

Entrepreneurs buy our trailers for local deliveries and over the road transport of smaller loads. Restaurants use them for storage of seafood, meat, produce, fruit and ice cream. Others buy and rent them for special events and occasions such as festivals, family reunions, sporting events, scouting and camping activities. 115 volt that can be adjusted to either freezer or cooler trailers.

Models include:

3’ x 7’
4’ x 8’
5’ x 9’
5’ x 10’
7’ x 12’
7’ x 16’

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