Collection: Kauffman/Coolbot "Refrigeration Only" Trailers

Coolbot refrigeration only trailers are a great value for those that only need refrigeration functionality for their cooled trailer. They quickly chill as low as 34 degrees on standard household power. Available in 8', 10' & 12' lengths, caterers often our trailers to be the ideal answer because they need lighter refrigerated trailers with the two-inch ball and 4 pin electrical connector that help ensure they can be towed with smaller vehicles that are more readily available such as cars, small SUV's and small pickups rated to tow them.

The door is wide enough to easily load the standard 40 by 48 pallet. Keg duty and food grade floors provide easy cleanup. They can even be used to keep beer chilled. Of course, all lighting meets DOT standards. The 35° to 70° temperature range is from just above freezing to room temperature.