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Polar Temp

7x12 ft. Polar Temp Refrigerated Trailer - holds 410 cubic ft.

7x12 ft. Polar Temp Refrigerated Trailer - holds 410 cubic ft.

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Polar Temp trailers are built for the ice industry, which is notorious for daily overloading and abusing of their trailers - yet they can “take it.”  These trailers are designed to give you decades of service, not just years.  From the ground up, they are engineered to meet the needs of small businesspeople in practical everyday life.  The weight of the trailer means more has been invested in your trailer that will last your much longer.  The tires are radial, not bias-ply which helps the towing. 

The 7x12 trailer can hold 410 cubic feet or 7,880lbs.  The dual 7,000 axles offer 14,000lbs and have electric brakes on both axles.  Subtract the 4,020lb weight of the trailer and that leaves a 7,880 payload plus safety factor. 

The trailer frame is made from 2”x 5” tubular steel 5/16” thick.  The transport box walls are made from 12-guage G90 galvanized steel with 4” of polyurethane foam insulation.  The outside skin is steel coated with a  Ceram-A-Star® finish, which is the same as used on metal roofs, known to last 25+ years.   

The standard refrigeration system can operate from +10° to +50°; however, a low temp unit is available, which can take the range to 0°.  The subzero will take it down to -10°; however, it requires 220 volts.   It is American made by Emmerson Copeland.  Because they are the largest, their parts are available on almost every refrigeration repair truck and at the most reasonable prices and the technician know how to fix them.   Parts for foreign-made units must be ordered, are expensive, and technicians do not like to work on them. 

Polar Temp provides a 30 days parts and labor warranty and then one year on parts and a five-year parts warranty on the compressor.

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